kitty has become my preferred secondary Terminal Emulator on macOS.

To make it as productive as it is under Linux, and in line with muscle memory tweaks are needed, add the following in ~/.config/kitty.conf

macos_option_as_alt yes
map alt+left send_text all \x1b\x62
map alt+right send_text all \x1b\x66


Personally I started using kitty on Linux as an alternative to Konsole as it’s light-weight, featureful and GPU accelerated (offload rendering to GPU).

I still use other terminal emulaters like, Guake, Tilix, GNOME Terminal, alacritty, etc. under different scenarios but kitty has really grown on me.

See the full list ---> Productivity Tools

Adopting kitty on macOS has its own challenges, yes, it’s the option key.

Primary terminal emulator iTerm2, I’ve been using Nature Text Editing key presets with left option mapping to Esc+.

That way ⌥ + ←/→ behaves the same as alt + b/f, in line with Bash / readline key bindings which has already become a part of my muscal memory.

To do the same for kitty, in its config file ~/.config/kitty.conf

Use Option as alt

macos_option_as_alt yes

At the bottm append the following 2 key mappings and restart kitty, pat, pat ;-)

map alt+left send_text all \x1b\x62
map alt+right send_text all \x1b\x66

Now behaviours of ⌥ + ←/→ are in line with ⌥ (alt) + b/f.

Make kitty productive again ;-) Have fun petting kitty.


Other Terminal Emulators I use from time to time, still quite like some of them (e,g, drop-down style like Guake, tilda).