Silently, the end of year 2006 is arriving. As a result, my birthday comes. This year, I had a very impressive and wonderful birthday party. Here I am grateful to my family, especially my dear TAOTAO. God bless you!

Finally, I became a Palm guru again since I first used palm 3.5. I have found my favourite programs. I really like Zdic. I have found converted dictionaries: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Oxford Advanced Learner’s, Collins Cobuild and American Heritage Dictionary for Zdic, which are the most popular English-English dictionaries.

I went to Beijing again for a training before the BEA World 2006. The damn thing was that the China Airline flight was delayed for more then 2 hours due to the heavy fog in Beijing! But the crew did not tell us the truth. How could we bear with the shit without compensation? Well, no one stood up and fought for our rights. I guess that’s the way we Chinese are educated.

I had an excellent training on Dec 12 delivered by the guys from Headquarters. I really admire their presentation as well as technical skills. The BEA World 2006 Beijing was one of the biggest event this year. It was pretty successful. I saw the future of products. I was at the ALUI and ALBPM site, demonstrating and explaining ALUI and ALBPM to potential customers. It was a tiring work but I found it was great for my presentation skill, as well as speaking English. It was a surprise that I found Sun Microsystem, they were showing their blade servers and famous Solaris there, cool stuff! And I was happy that VMWare Inc. is now one of the partners.

It was a pity that I have to leave for Shanghai. I was not able to attend BEA World on Dec 14. I have to catch the flight back to Shanghai on Dec 13. And again, the flight was delayed without any notification! What the fuck!

By the way, the new Remote Desktop client for Windows released. We can get it via Microsoft update. It is the same as what is in Windows Vista. The good thing is that the mstsc is able to save username/password for connections respectively! Good for Windows users, take it.

Merry Christmas to all my friends!