Last day of October

Time goes by, it’s the last day of October.

Windows Media Player 11 released. It looks really cool although I don’t really use it. I like the black skin and user interface style. It’s like Mac OS X style to some extent.

Several days ago, Ubuntu 6.10 was released. It is really a good distribution other than Fedora Core, Mandrake and SUSE. Just after a day or two, Fedora Core 6 released!

One important thing I should remind all my friends is that my former homepage is permanently unavailable due to ISP service change. I will move it to another host as soon as possible. I reckon that I will rebuild the website using Dreamweaver, probably I’ll try Google Page Creator as someone mentioned to me. I like simple style, for example, just a simple page is more than enough. As soon as I finish, I will update the link.

Juniper sent me their present again. It is a smart flashlight this time. I received a call from Juniper for verification 2 days before I got the flashlight. It is good stuff. It reflects time and date on the wall, cool!